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A Word On Cashman Complaining Of Feliciano’s Abuse

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

I’m afraid I can’t let Brian Cashman’s comments that the Mets “abused” Pedro Feliciano pass without comment.
Let’s start with the basics. Cashman is right. Feliciano appeared in 92 games last year, breaking the Met mark for appearances held by… Feliciano the year before with 88, which shattered the record held by… Feliciano the year before with 86.
The Yankees have a sensible policy not to pitch a reliever three days in a row. Feliciano appeared three days in a row on ten separate occasions last year. He also pitched in winter ball, and even the 2009 World Baseball Classic.
And the argument for this use, which boiled down to “Feliciano likes it” is a silly one. Players get to the major leagues based on a remarkable work ethic. Managers and organizations succeed by putting the long-term interests of the team first when making decisions. Jenrry Mejia liked being on the major league roster. That didn’t mean he belonged there.
In short, leave aside whether a multi-year deal at $4 million to a lefty specialist is a good idea. This lefty specialist was a good bet to be at or past his sell-by date.
So Cashman’s complaints at this point come across as… fairly ridiculous. Like Captain Renault objecting to gambling at Rick’s ridiculous. He complained that a lack of other options for lefty specialist forced his hand. Remind me again how many teams the Mets had to outbid to get Tim Byrdak?
It reminds me of when I hear people absolutely trashing their spouses. That never reflects upon the trashed spouse for me; it reflects upon the person trashing. Because that spouse, even if he is that horrible, can’t help being so godawful.
But you married him, dummy.