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Pelham Manor Police Chief Stalled in New Hires

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Pelham Manor police Chief Alfred Mosiello said Monday that he is stalled in hiring three recruits/recent graduates of the police academy not picked up by White Plains because White Plains won’t release them.

Their tuition through the academy had been paid for by White Plains before the city cut back and had lay-offs.

He said the recruits are sitting without pay while time for them to complete a month of in-service training in a department within seven months of graduation is passing.
Mosiello said he was not sure if White Plains had to offer jobs to laid off officers who have been hired elsewhere first if re-hiring begins thus making the likelihood of the recruits getting employed in time to complete their in-service training  less likely.

Any recruit not picked up by a department in time to complete the one month of in-service training within a year of beginning the academy would have to go through the police academy again before he or she could be hired, Mosiello said.