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Additional candidate interviews scheduled

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The Editorial Board of The Journal News holds endorsement interviews with candidates in key contests on the Nov. 2 ballot. Voters may watch and participate online at This list will be updated as additional interviews are scheduled.
(* denotes incumbent)

• 1 p.m., 93rd District, Assembly (Mike Spano* vs. Mike Ramondelli)
• 3 p.m., 99th District, Assembly (Steve Katz vs. James Borkowski vs.
Brendan Tully)

Oct. 7
• 1 p.m., 91st District, Assembly (George Latimer*
vs. Bill Reed)
• 4 p.m., 92nd District, Assembly (Thomas Abinanti
vs. Thomas Bock)

Oct. 12
• 2 p.m., 37th District, state Senate (Suzi Oppenheimer* vs. Bob Cohen)
• 4 p.m., 36th District, state Senate (Ruth Hassell-Thompson* vs.
Robert Diamond)

Oct. 13
• 2 p.m., 87th District, Assembly (J. Gary Pretlow* vs. Samuel Rivers)
• 4 p.m., 89th District, Assembly (Robert Castelli* vs. Thomas Roach Jr.)

Oct. 18
2 p.m., New York state comptroller (Tom DiNapoli* vs. Harry Wilson)

Watch online
Watch LIVE interviews at­light; to submit a question during a session, engage the “CoverItLive” feature. View completed interviews at­spotlight; click “On Demand” and select the video from the menu on the right. These interviews have been completed:
• Putnam’s county executive (Vincent Leibell vs. Mary Ellen Odell)
• 34th District, state Senate (Jeffrey Klein* vs. Frank Vernuccio Jr.)
• 90th District, Assembly (Sandra Galef* vs. William Gouldman)
• 95th District, Assembly (Ellen Jaffee* vs. Thomas Morr)
• 94th District, Assembly (Kenneth Zebrowski* vs. Frank Sparaco)
• 38th District, state Senate (David Carlucci vs. C. Scott Vanderhoef)
• 88th District, Assembly (Amy Paulin* vs. Rene Atayan)
• 96th District, Assembly (Nancy Calhoun* vs. Roxanne Donnery)
• 97th District, Assembly (Annie Rabbitt* vs. Myrna Kemnitz)
• 35th District, state Senate (Andrea Stewart-Cousins* vs. Liam McLaughlin)
• 40th District, state Senate (Greg Ball vs. Michael Kaplowitz)

Candidate alert
The Journal News and wish to hear from candidates on the November ballot in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam — including for the state Legislature but excluding statewide and federal offices. Please send us an e-mail including your full name, home address, daytime phone number and an active e-mail address to In both the subject line and body of the e-mail, be sure to indicate which office you seek. The information will be used by our news and opinion staffs to contact and correspond with candidates. Additionally, the e-mail address will be used to send candidates a questionnaire that will form the basis of an online guide for voters.