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The Bra Book

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Jene Luciani wrote “The Bra Book” which helps women find the best bra. Luciani’s book is on display at Bloomingdale’s in White Plains, where she was photographed. To find out more about Jene check out her blog, Beauty and the burbs. And keep an eye out for the full story on

( Carucha L. Meuse  / The Journal News )

Click here to see more photos of Jene Luciani from The Bra Book

Additional candidate interviews scheduled

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The Editorial Board of The Journal News holds endorsement interviews with candidates in key contests on the Nov. 2 ballot. Voters may watch and participate online at This list will be updated as additional interviews are scheduled.
(* denotes incumbent)

• 1 p.m., 93rd District, Assembly (Mike Spano* vs. Mike Ramondelli)
• 3 p.m., 99th District, Assembly (Steve Katz vs. James Borkowski vs.
Brendan Tully)

Oct. 7
• 1 p.m., 91st District, Assembly (George Latimer*
vs. Bill Reed)
• 4 p.m., 92nd District, Assembly (Thomas Abinanti
vs. Thomas Bock)

Oct. 12
• 2 p.m., 37th District, state Senate (Suzi Oppenheimer* vs. Bob Cohen)
• 4 p.m., 36th District, state Senate (Ruth Hassell-Thompson* vs.
Robert Diamond)

Oct. 13
• 2 p.m., 87th District, Assembly (J. Gary Pretlow* vs. Samuel Rivers)
• 4 p.m., 89th District, Assembly (Robert Castelli* vs. Thomas Roach Jr.)

Oct. 18
2 p.m., New York state comptroller (Tom DiNapoli* vs. Harry Wilson)

Watch online
Watch LIVE interviews at­light; to submit a question during a session, engage the “CoverItLive” feature. View completed interviews at­spotlight; click “On Demand” and select the video from the menu on the right. These interviews have been completed:
• Putnam’s county executive (Vincent Leibell vs. Mary Ellen Odell)
• 34th District, state Senate (Jeffrey Klein* vs. Frank Vernuccio Jr.)
• 90th District, Assembly (Sandra Galef* vs. William Gouldman)
• 95th District, Assembly (Ellen Jaffee* vs. Thomas Morr)
• 94th District, Assembly (Kenneth Zebrowski* vs. Frank Sparaco)
• 38th District, state Senate (David Carlucci vs. C. Scott Vanderhoef)
• 88th District, Assembly (Amy Paulin* vs. Rene Atayan)
• 96th District, Assembly (Nancy Calhoun* vs. Roxanne Donnery)
• 97th District, Assembly (Annie Rabbitt* vs. Myrna Kemnitz)
• 35th District, state Senate (Andrea Stewart-Cousins* vs. Liam McLaughlin)
• 40th District, state Senate (Greg Ball vs. Michael Kaplowitz)

Candidate alert
The Journal News and wish to hear from candidates on the November ballot in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam — including for the state Legislature but excluding statewide and federal offices. Please send us an e-mail including your full name, home address, daytime phone number and an active e-mail address to In both the subject line and body of the e-mail, be sure to indicate which office you seek. The information will be used by our news and opinion staffs to contact and correspond with candidates. Additionally, the e-mail address will be used to send candidates a questionnaire that will form the basis of an online guide for voters.